Kaaba’s doors part of 466 rare Arabian pieces to be shown in Seoul exhibition

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About 466 rare pieces including antiquated “gilded” doors of Al-Kaaba - -the cube-structured building at the center of Islam’s most sacred mosque in the Saudi city of Makkah -- will be displayed on Tuesday in the South Korean capital Seoul.

“Roads of Arabia” is “is the first large scale survey of the history and culture of Arabian peninsula in Korea,” South Korea’s Ministry of Culture said on its website.

Since 2006, the “Roads of Arabia” - mobile Saudi exhibitions – started showcasing the kingdom’s masterpieces around the world.
The Seoul exhibition is going to take place at the country’s National Museum.

It added that around “466 objects ranging from human-shaped steles dating back the 4th Millennium BC to gilded doors that once graced the entrance to the Kaaba at Makkah will be displayed.”

The exhibition organized by both the National Museum of Korea and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage “will be the great opportunity to open our eyes to the largely unknown ancient past of the Kingdom.”

The exhibition will continue until Aug. 27.

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