‘Avocado Kunafa’ is Egypt’s latest take on the Ramadan dessert

Shounaz Meky
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After mango, chocolate and red velvet became essential flavors for Kunafa in Egypt, a local bakery went a step further, creating the dessert with a twist of Avocado!

Lovers of the traditional Ramadan dessert in Egypt get to explore it with new flavors year after year.


But Egyptian Bakery Etoile took it a little far this Ramadan when it added avocado to a range of other flavors mixed with Kunafa -- a dessert made of spun shredded wheat.

Reactions from social media users to the Kunafa varied on the bakery’s official page. Some expressed excitement and said they were eager to try it, but others were taken by surprise from the unusual mix.

Traditionally, Kunafa is toasted and crunchy on the top and bottom. Sugary syrup is later poured on top to sweeten it. The most common fillings across the Middle East are cream, mixed nuts, raisins, custard or cheese.

But the trend of recreating Kunafa with alternative fillings in Egypt started one summer, when mangoes were being added to Kunafas and filled with whipped cream. Shocking at first, the combination proved to be irresistible for many and soon became everyone’s new favorite.

Another Kunafa recreation was the “Chocolate Kunafa,” which mixes the traditional dessert with sweetened hazelnut Nutella chocolate spread and pieces of chocolate, including Maltesers, Twix and sometimes Oreos.

Then came the “Red Velvet Kunafa” which consists of a layer of Kunafa paired with a layer of red velvet cake and fresh whipped cream.

Other fruits are now being added to Kunafa, including berries, pomegranate, and dates. They are offered in Cairo’s top dessert shops in many forms; Kunafa cakes, bowls, or cups.

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