Young Emirati woman writer promotes mindfulness and positivity in her work

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Young Emirati author and self-development coach Hanan al- Samak put all her positive thoughts in her book “Hayatak” (Your Life).

Hanan spoke to Al Arabiya about how to be positive and embrace positivity in one’s life. She advocates connecting positivity to being realistic. Positivity is not synonymous to “smiling or having a smiley face,” she said.


In her interview with Al Arabiya, Hanan said: “We do not live in an ideal world so to be positive we have to be in touch with reality.”

Hanan made a shift from digital to print when it came to launching her ideas. First, it was through YouTube that she started communicating and coaching her followers.

Then, she turned the episodes into written material for her book. She also have plans to distribute her book digitally.

Hanan started as a marketer and made use of her time after graduation to speak in front of the camera, and her sessions received successful following.

She advises inserting new positive habits into our daily routine, particularly practicing “gratitude” and being thankful and appreciative of what we have. Avoiding self-criticism and negativity is also recommended.

Hanan printed 5000 copies of her book and translated her YouTube episodes to benefit English speakers as well.

Her final words of advice is never to focus on what is missing in our life and to practice “mindfulness” and mental awareness in order to live in the moment and have a sense of the value of life and to be able to extract the purpose of one’s existence.

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