WATCH: Kaaba curtain lifted preparing for Hajj season

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The lower portion of the Kaaba covering was raised, tuesday, by approximately 3 meters. The raised part is covered with a white cotton fabric of about two meters from the four sides.

Social media platforms are bustling with the spread of a video which depicts lifting the lower curtain of the Ka’ba by three meters and draping the now bare sides with a two-meter wide white cotton cloth. This act is an annual procedure taken to ensure that the Ka’ba’s curtain is protected from those circulating it while completing their Hajj ritual.

Previousely, the Director-General of the King Abdul Aziz Complex for the Kaaba’s garment, Mohammed Bagoudaha, held a meeting to discuss the operational plan to raise the garment of the Kaaba.

Al-Riyadh newspaper quoted Bagoudaha as saying that: “This measure is a precaution to prevent any abuses. There are a large number of pilgrims who are keen to touch the garment of the Kaaba, which expose the garment to some damage.”

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He pointed out that some pilgrims cut out some parts of the garment of the Kaaba to use it as a mascot, which is of course, “pure superstition”.


The curtain will resume its normal position one the Hajj season is over. As such, the Kaaba garment will be raised by 3 meters and the white cloth covering will be put on the 47 meters perimeter.

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