Meet Diana Alabbadi: The Arab world's first Manga author, illustrator

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Diana Mekhled Alabbadi is a Jordanian illustrator specializing in Japanese graphic novels and Manga art.

Al Arabiya interviewed Alabbadi who is the first Arab writer of the Manga comics genre known among the lovers of the art of anime, for her series “Gray Is..” since 2010.

Alabbadi who is a self-published artist spoke of her creative projects in an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya.

After graduating college with a degree in Architecture, Diana pursued her passion in storytelling as a Manga artist.

「Inundated」 #Greyis Full illustration on

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She is a Silent Manga Audition winner twice in 2013 and 2104, has been awarded in January 2015 as part of the Masters Class Creators by Monthly Magazine Comic Zenon run by Coamix, Japan.

Her main series; Grey is… has been an ongoing webcomic since 2010 with 5 published books, and is being translated and published in Spain by MilkyWay Ediciones.

She decided to work on her own creative projects after graduation and started by working on her graphic novel series in 2009.

Diana chose this visual art form as it expresses messages quicker during this fast paced times to a savvy generation.

“It is a difficult art form, yet it is universal as it transcends the barrier of language,” she said.

The artist considers the pre-drawing stage is the hardest part: "It would take days to settle on an idea," she added.

Diana explained that her characters are based on an Asian art style rather than a representation of Asian figures.

She doesn’t depict Arab characters as her country and home city Amman is full of diverse nationalities, allowing her art to appeal to a wider range of audience.

Slower version with main tools on my patreon page (public) For the record, ch43 is emotional.

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