Why did this Egyptian man put his library on the street?

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Ghareeb al-Sheikh is a 50-year-old Egyptian citizen. He came up with an idea to put a home library in the street and in front of his small kiosk where he offered his books for free borrowing, in order to educate young people and encourage them to read.

Ghareeb works as a newspapers salesman in the Dekheila area of Alexandria. He told Al Arabiya that he has a library of about 390 books. After reading most of it, he felt that it should be available to others to benefit from his books and enjoy them.


He added that he devoted a large notebook to record the names of the borrowers, their telephone numbers, the book titles and the period of borrowing.

He pointed out that people were 100 percent committed to returnnig the books on time explaining that those who were late would call him for more days to finish reading the book.

He said poetry books by Bairam al-Tunisi and Fouad Haddad ranked first, followed by books on heritage as well as political books.

He added that those who frequented him were professionals, intellectuals and employees of iron factories and major factories in the region. Most of them were over forty, however he has no clients at the age of twenty to thirty.

He added that these young people who did not think to hesitate to borrow his books are drawing their information and culture from the sites of social communication, and do not want to read or own books, stressing that large libraries offered to provide him with books to lend to those who wanted but he has refused.

He said he had agreed to take books donated by the people to his library, so that the number of the books now reached 450 books, 80 of which are currently borrowed, stressing that he is happy to try to spread culture and educate citizens.

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