Saudi graffiti artists transform old Khobar neighborhood into giant canvases

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Saudi artists have transformed an area filled with traditional houses into a giant canvas.

Using graffiti techniques, 21 male and female artists have adorned the old buildings in Khobar, eastern Saudi Arabia.

The “Bayoniya” neighborhood was selected because it meets the requirements for the project, in terms of format and the outcome we're expecting, artist Madawy al-Baz told Al Arabiya.net.

The project solely created by Saudi hands is the first-of-its-kind in Saudi Arabia, according to al-Baz.

It decorates traditional buildings and old houses with graffiti, to promote the beauty of this art and allow people to coexist with it, she added.

“Graffiti is a telltale street art that relies on images and illustrations, and we implemented it to create a positive impact in these surroundings."

“The initiative was supported by the directorate of the Eastern Province that aided in preparing locations for us to begin working, as well as sponsors from the private sector.”

The initiative managed to redesign six houses in the neighborhood with graffiti doodles, within just ten days.

“We saw happiness in the eyes of the people, who offered us a helping hand. We became family, we’d pray inside their homes, drink tea and eat together.”