American artist give voice to Saudi deserts in her paintings

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An American artist is showcasing her admiration to the Saudi culture in paintings that reflect the kingdom’s beauty.

US artist Kim Farco, who moved to Dhahran with her husband four years ago, has been using her surrounding environment as an inspiration for her artworks.

Farco portrayed the hospitality she had witnessed from Saudi women in the desert, and her love the country’s beautiful desert, along with the sunset and sunrise scenery.

Al Arabiya visited the exhibition to see her artwork collection, inspired by Dhahran’s amazing nature.

In statements to the website, she described art as “an expression of one’s self and everyday experiences” adding that her drawings are inspired by the desert nature, whether in cold or hot paintings.

She said she would meditate in the desert during day and evening times to get the inspiration she needs from the sand, dunes and mirages.

Farco also carved faces of the bedouin nomads to before the features of the desert men.

She also expressed her fascination with the Empty Quarter desert, with its towering dunes, and the harming between tis bedouins and its nature.

She said the contradiction between the desert’s natural beauty alongside the momentous industrial and oil progress on the other end.