IN PICTURES: Get to know Sudan’s favorite Ramadan dish

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The Sudanese Asida, a porridge-like food consisting of corn flour, dried meat and yogurt, is one of the most popular Iftar dishes in the African country during Ramadan.

This local food is famously eaten during the holy month for its nutritious value as it contains vitamins, proteins as well as calcium among others.

In Sudan, Asida is often consumed warm after people break their fast with dates and water or following a bowl of soup.

Its popularity is not limited to Sudan alone as it can be seen on the dining tables of numerous Sudanese homes around the world.

Mothers and housewives have made sure that the recipe was passed onto generations, making their traditional food timeless.

There are two variations of the Asida: Telqiya and Niaimiya.

Telqiya is made of dried meat, which gives it a thick texture. Ni’aimiya is a modernized version of Asida made with dried onions, minced beef, sauce, herbs and red pepper paste, which is popularly served today.

Asida is commonly served in its traditional semi-circle shape but recently there have been people who prefer to be creative with the dish’s shape and size.