WATCH: Three expat teachers share their living experiences in Saudi Arabia

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Three expat female teachers in Saudi Arabia have shared the stories of how they began working in the kingdom’s schools and how moving to the country has been turning point in their lives.

The ladies, Krist and Heather from the United States and Kelly from New Zealand, came to Saudi Arabia in search for new job opportunities. In an interview with Al Arabiya English, they said the move to Saudi Arabia marked a new beginning, that brought them together.

As they overcame the feeling of alienation, the three teachers tell how they found a new home in Saudi Arabia in a video interview with Al Arabiya English.

They appeared in the video while shopping in the city of Khobar, eastern Saudi Arabia, speaking of how they found stability, psychological balance and integration and fusion within Saudi society.

In comments about her daily routine and her integration into the new society, Heather said: “I have adapted to the traditions and culture of the Saudi society in which I live, and I am impressed by the country’s social development, which have been recently reflected in allowing Saudi women to drive cars. I also see a lot of enthusiasm among my high school female students when they talk about future opportunities. I live it and see it around me.”

Meanwhile, Krist said: “I began to establish new relationships through my work as a teacher and learn more about the reality here in Saudi Arabia, where the stereotype of many in the United States is desert and beauty...”

While Kelly, who spent three years working in Saudi Arabia, spoke about how her life in the kingdom.

“My life here is different from New Zealand, my children go to school and come back safely ... I have many girlfriends who go out together and shop, and I am very happy to be in Saudi Arabia..”