Saudi Arabia appoints Jihad al-Khalidi as CEO of Kingdom’s Music Authority

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Saudi Arabia has appointed musician Jihad al-Khalidi as the CEO of the Kingdom’s Music Authority tasked with developing the music sector.

Her appointment was made by Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan earlier this week.

Al-Khalidi is a skilled musician with more than 33 years of experience in her field. She worked as a violinist with the Egyptian Orchestra for eight years and obtained a Bachelor's degree in violin and music theory from the Cairo Conservatoire.

The Music Authority, via the Ministry of Culture, aims to regulate and develop the music sector in the Kingdom and to support and encourage existing and aspiring musicians.

Al-Khalidi told MBC that she hopes she can help with introducing young children across Saudi Arabia to music.

“I really hope that I will be able to foster a love for studying music among children and to eventually have a dedicated academy to teach children and, God willing, we will see the fruits of such education after five or six years,” she told MBC.

It will also work with the relevant authorities to support the protection of intellectual property rights in areas related to music, in addition to organizing training courses and adopting relevant professional programs.

The Music Authority is one of eleven new bodies launched by the Kingdom’s Ministry of Culture to foster and develop sub-sectors in the Kingdom’s cultural and arts industry.

Last November, the Ministry of Culture said music, theater, and the arts will now be included in the curriculum of public and private schools in Saudi Arabia.

The announcement at the time came in light of recent changes in Saudi Arabia that are transforming the Kingdom into a hub for concerts, art shows, and cultural and entertainment eve vts in the region.

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