Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival opens with a bang

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The annual Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival opened with a bang on Thursday night with a variety of musicians and bands ranging from typical smooth jazz to pop rock.

The Jazz Festival has showcased 2 of its headlining acts which attracted the masses, Canadian pop-rock band OneRepublic wowed enthusiastic fans on the opening night and American rock band 3 Doors Down rocked the concert venue on Friday night.

3 Doors Down played a range of their greatest hits during their set on Friday night, The National a Dubai-based newpaper described it as a “masterclass on how to be relentlessly average” and when hearing the songs together they all sound practically the same both musically and lyrically. Although the music may not have pleased all critics the group have still acquired nine chart topping hits in their time.

However, the Canadian pop-rock band OneRepublic who appealed to a younger audience on Thursday night had the crowd going for the minute the distinctive sound of the cello started playing to their hit single “Secrets.”

The band lead by front man Ryan Tedder performed a compilation of their smash hits from all their albums, including “Feel Again” and “If I Lose Myself” from their upcoming album “Native” which is set to be released in March.

Tedder stunned fans with his incredible vocal range throughout the concert when performing songs like “Everybody Loves Me,” “Marching On” and a cover of The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army.”

OneRepublic’s music is incorporates Guitar, Piano, Glockenspiel, Drums and the Cello which gives their music a different type of edge to your regular pop-rock bands.

Tedder went on to communicate to the crowd and talked about the bands experience in Dubai, saying that they had spent the morning in the desert experiencing a typical Bedouin style breakfast, he also promised that the group would return to Dubai during their upcoming World Tour.

The main stage was solely used for the headlining acts the past weekend which meant the Jazz acts all performed in the Jazz Garden.

Crowds were able to enjoy some of the smaller jazz on the side stages which created a more intimate atmosphere for audience members who watched.

The Jazz Festival gives exposure to these artists who are unknown outside the Jazz circle, the star of the Jazz Garden on Thursday night was Guy Manoukian who arrived from Sydney where he became the very first Lebanese artist to perform at the Sydney Opera House.

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