A sweet feat? Iranian dairy company claims world’s largest tub of ice-cream

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Choopan Dairy, an Iranian dairy company, have claimed to have set a new Guinness World Record with the largest tub of ice-cream on Monday, according to The Guardian.

The dairy Company unveiled their sweet feat at the Tochal resort in Velenjak, a mountainous area north of Tehran. Thousands of spectators gathered to view the five ton tub of chocolate ice-cream which measured in at 1.6 meters by 2 meters.

The event organizer, Khashayar Baheri, told the state-run Press TV, “right now, we are breaking the record which was registered in 2005 by Baskin-Robbins for about 4 tons, we’re breaking that record by one ton.”

The aim was to break the world record representatives from the Guinness World Records were present at the event however, they were unable to confirm the rumors of the record being broken.

Baskin-Robbins set the world record in September 2005 by making a tub containing 4.02 tons of vanilla ice-cream.

Press TV’s report showed a large crowd of Iranian spectators attending the event which was held during the Persian New Year, Nowruz; a 13-day festival which is celebrated as the most important holiday of the Iranian calendar.

The state-run TV company interviewed several people who attended the event, one woman said that “first, I came to this event because it gives me national pride for our achievement and then, of course I love ice-cream.”

Another spectator added “I’m here with my family to see the biggest ice-cream in the world in Iran and Iranians are making it and I think everyone is having fun.”

According to Baztab-e-Emrooz, a conservative website, the crowd was initially enthusiastic and in good spirits however, they were angered after the event organizers refused to serve the crowd from the large tub.

Instead, normal tubs of ice-cream were handed out, this has led to speculation over whether or not the ice-cream was edible and now puts the claimed record in question.