From Reel to Real: ‘Olympus has Fallen’ echoes N. Korea-U.S. tensions

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Cinema flick “Olympus Has Fallen” has taken film-making to another level. American audiences can now take a sneak-peak of what their future may look like if threats from North Korea to launch missiles on the U.S. were to take place.

The terrorism on features Gerard Butler as a Secret Service agent saving America from a mob of North Koreans who seize the White House, threatening the U.S. president.

“The movie is good. It works for the movie. The White House is being taken over so everything is pretty extreme in the film,” said Aaron Eckhart during the film’s London premier. Eckhart plays the U.S. President, named Benjamin in the film.

The release of film in March coincided with a series of unusually strong threats from North Korea towards the U.S. since it was sanctioned by the U.N. in March for having carried out a third nuclear test.

While the film may focus mainly on terrorist attacks on the U.S. capital and the White House, recent developments in the real world have left many observers wondering if the filmmakers had forecasted them.

On the week of the release, Julia Pierson was sworn into office as the first female Secret Service head just like the role of Angela Bassett who plays the part of a female Secret Service director in “Olympus.”

“Given my experience with the Secret Service, I am not surprised that they have promoted a woman to the top job. I know that the measurement was talent and experience, not gender,” “Olympus” Director Antoine Fuqua told U.S. political blog, POLITICO.

“It’s so bizarre, I’m telling you,” said Fuqua.

Another similarity in the film was that the Washington Monument gets toppled by a hostile air-raid; however, in reality it is also undergoing repairs for the significant damage it was subject to during the 2011 earthquake.

“They’re making our movie!” Butler told POLITICO. “It’s almost like they’re copying us.”

However, unlike the film, showing North Korean villains attacking Washington, the country’s young leader Kim Jong-un warned the U.S. last week with nuclear threats.

“We’ve obviously seen the reports that North Korea may be making preparations to launch a missile, and we’re monitoring this situation closely,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters.

“Olympus has Fallen” is currently showing in UAE movie theatres as well as other Middle Eastern countries.