Percussion and dance group ‘Stomp’ performs in Amman

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The world-renowned UK-based group, Stomp, brought its theatrical percussion show to Jordan for the first time to sold out audiences in the capital Amman.

The show premiered on Thursday in the Cultural Palace and was scheduled to be performed over the course of three days.

Starting out in 1991 on the streets of Brighton by British street performers, Stomp uses household items such as brooms, bins, and matches to create a unique musical and visual performance.

Hana Zreiqat, executive director of the ‘16th of May’, the event hosting the show, explained how the group makes use of trash to create art.
“The main idea behind Stomp, as you can see, is that the group uses things available around us, things we might have thrown out, and they use it to create music in a way that’s full of rhythm and very enthusiastic,” said Zreiqat.

Hana hopes that, by bringing Stomp to Jordan, she can allow more Jordanians to enjoy world-class performances.

“We decided to invite [Stomp] to Jordan because we found out that many people travel abroad to watch them. So we felt that we are able to bring this event to Jordan and open the doors for more people to be able to watch world renowned international events here in Jordan,” she added.

The ‘16th of May events’ was established in 2012 by a group of young Jordanians. Their initiative aims to meet the need for creative and well managed corporate events.

Stomp has been touring the world for over twenty years, and is expected to perform its popular show in Qatar next month.