UAE’s first horror movie ‘Djinn’ sets new record

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The first Emirati supernatural thriller “Djinn” made more than 1 million dirhams ($272, 257) on its opening weekend, making it the best-performing Emirati film ever on an opening weekend, local media reported Wednesday.

The film, UAE’s first horror movie, went on the big screen when it was shown for the first time in the Abu Dhabi Film festival which took off on Oct. 24 till Nov. 2.

“Since its release on October 31, Djinn has set the record for the best performing Emirati film ever in an opening weekend,” Gulf News quoted Kifah Graizi, regional manager at the distributor Empire International Gulf LLC, as saying.

The movie was later released in cinemas on Halloween, sparking an unexpected number of viewers.

It attracted about 23,000 people in the first three days, according to the tabloid newspaper Ahlan Live.

The story is set in Al-Jazeerah Al-Hamra, a coastal village in the UAE emirate of Ras al-Khaimah. The village was abandoned by its people years ago because it was haunted by ghosts.

The plot of the movie starts when an Emirati couple returns to the UAE from the United States and move in a luxury apartment in Al-Jazeerah Al-Hamra.

But to their shock, they later discover that their apartment was built on an abandoned fishing village occupied by Djinn or spirits.

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