Arab fans abuzz over new Game of Thrones trailer

HBO released a third trailer for the upcoming fourth season, set to premiere on April 6

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A fervor was sparked among Arab fans of the Game of Throne TV series following the release of a third teaser trailer for the upcoming fourth season.

HBO, the creator of the three-year-old popular fantasy-drama series, released a third trailer for the new season titled “Secrets,” set to premiere on April 6, reported Time news website.

Despite not officially showing in the Middle East, the series has gained a large popularity among Arab viewers who are also anticipating the return of the dramatic show. Following the trailer release, Arabs took to social media to express their excitement for season four.

“The epic Game of Thrones is coming,” user @SaadMS30 tweeted in Arabic. Fans have also been suggesting more people watch the series, describing it as better than other popular American TV shows such as Lost and Prison Break.

Meanwhile, some have paralleled the Game of Thrones plot with the political atmosphere of the Middle Eastern region.

Saudi user @faisalalgadi1 compared the recent action by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, who pulled their ambassadors from Qatar, to the show. He equated the move to the show’s consistently embattled seven kingdoms fighting to gain control over each other.

While @Husaination found that the series reflected the political situation in Iraq. “Why did I start liking Game of Thrones? Because the series mimics Iraq with its troubles… seven kingdoms hate each other and are fighting to gain the power of one throne,” he tweeted in Arabic.

Users are also actively sharing links of the released trailers, recaps from previous seasons, as well as sharing insights and information about the show.

“Each Game of Thrones episode costs over 22 million riyals to produce,” tweeted @Cinema_Ar, an account with over 21,000 followers, which shares TV and cinema news from around the world in Arabic.

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