The Illusionists 2.0 amaze audience with Abu Dhabi magic show

Team of seven magicians performs magic with array of stunts, tricks and special effects

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Minds were blown on Thursday at Abu Dhabi’s ultra-luxurious Emirates Palace hotel, where seven magicians called The Illusionists 2.0 performed seemingly supernatural magic tricks.

While many stage magicians are known for often-performed routines such as the “rabbit in the hat” trick, The Illusionists 2.0 bedazzled the audience with performance-upon-performance of magic infused with an array of visual effects, including 3D projections.

A year since their last tour to the UAE, the team behind The Illusionists 2.0 - described as a sequel act to last year’s show in the UAE - features new talent from all parts of the world, including the United States, Portugal, Belgium, South Korea, and Australia.

“This is the most diverse show yet. It is a very multinational production”, said Sia S. Far, an executive of managing group Alchemy Project Entertainment.


The compelling production was bursting with colors, lights, and captivating costumes. Depending on which illusionist was performing, the stage backdrops would change dramatically to fit the act. 3D interactive projections, fire, weapons, cards, and stunts were incorporated in order to give the audience a chance to experience the magic at full throttle.

According to Sia, this group of illusionists were chosen out of 5,000 magicians worldwide based on their talent and the quality of their act, with some selected just from the popularity on video-sharing site YouTube or from their performances on television shows.

So who exactly are The Illusionists?

The team includes The Master Magician, The Unusualist, The Deceptionist, The Warrior, The Manipulator, The Futurist and is led by the returning Trickster.

The Futurist
The Futurist

The Master Magician, a multi-award-winning performer had the audience on the edge of their seats, and baffled even the hardest of skeptics with his tricks.

The Deceptionist, who many would recognize from popular TV show Britain’s Got Talent, performed a bevy of death defying stunts and left the stage without a scratch.

The Warrior, winner of the World Champions of Magic competition, demonstrated a dangerous performance with his weapons-based act. His accuracy and swift moves thrilled the audience while he carried out nail-biting acts using his sword and crossbow.

The Trickster, who proved to be a crowed favorite since returning from the 2013 performance, kept the audience amazed even after the show ended. Just as his slogan says, “the trickster will get you every time!” The Trickster was able to take the belongings from audience members without them noticing, and also made objects appear out of nowhere.

The Unusualist, who is known for incorporating humor into his magic, is described by the group as “a multifaceted Aussie genius who keeps you guessing until the last moment.”


The Futurist, also seen on America’s Got Talent, has been said to be the “next big thing” in magic with his tricks performed with the aid of 3D technology.

The Manipulator, who is the winner of multiple international illusion competitions, was able to fool even the fastest eye with his sleight-of-hand-based performances.

In a backstage interview with Al Arabiya News, two of The Illusionists said that their fascination in magic began at a young age.

“I saw a magician when I was seven years old and I said that’s it never going back. I didn’t even want to continue with school,” said The Trickster.

The Warrior added: “Ever since [I was] a kid, watching those magic shows on TV. And from there you just try them yourself.”

The Illusionists 2.0 are set to perform in Dubai from Sep. 30 – Oct. 5.

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