Cats vs dogs: Scientists finally confirm which animal is better

From an evolutionary perspective, scientist confirm felines are better than dogs

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The debate that has long divided cat and dog lovers has finally been answered, according to a new study, scientist have finally confirmed that cats are better than dogs from a revolutionary perspective, The Independent reported on Friday.

Scientist studied 2,000 ancient fossils which revealed that felids, the cat family, have historically been better at surviving than the “canid” dog clan.

The research also found that cats played a major role in making 40 dog species extinct, by outcompeting them for food as they are generally regarded as more effective hunters.

However millions of years ago, some dog species, such as wolves, were also considered effective killing machines and chased down their prey at high speed.

Other dog species ambushed their prey in a similar way to the cat family, but the study found that those dogs weren’t as good as the cats at this technique, and all the canid species who used it are now extinct.

Scientists stated that the evolutionary success of carnivorous animals is linked to their ability to obtain food, concluding in the report that felids appeared to have been more efficient predators than most of the extinct species in the dog family.

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