Mideast wives dish the dirt on husbands’ most annoying habits

Few people can say their other half is perfect

Eve Dugdale
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Few people can say their other half is perfect.

Nevertheless, most of us accept humans are flawed and persevere with noisy snoring, socks left on the floor and jobs taking weeks to get done.


But what about the less obvious other-half-habits that drive us more than a little insane?

You know, those things that may seem petty to other people but drive us to the point of walking out and never returning…

I’ve been thinking about these annoying habits ever since reading a post from a man on Reddit asking other blokes to dish the dirt on their other halves’ most irritating habits.

I had to laugh as these weren’t issues that seemed like deal-breakers, end the marriage offences.

From “doing a dance with her hands when she listens to music” to drinking all the juice and denying it and watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” there were hundreds of responses and they were hilarious.

I have a friend who gets annoyed when her other half grates cheese straight from the block. She argues that he should cut a chunk first before grating. I mentioned even I would never consider doing that and she thinks it’s just rude!

But then again, she may think I’m a little over the top for finding my partner’s insistence on eating chocolate in bed at night infuriating. Not only is eating in bed poor hygiene but the sweet treats will lie heavy on your tummy and teeth at night. Surely everyone is as outraged as me by that?

In a bid for further amusement, I hunted down a few more women and asked them to dish the dirt on their partner’s seemingly inoffensive, offensive habits!

While many would assume women are angered by untidiness, for Saudi-based Nishi Verma, it’s the opposite.

“My husband Samir drives me nuts because he lines everything up! It was cute at first but now I’m like what? Spoons in the dish drainer lined up after washing - who does that? All his stuff on the bedside table is lined up too – wallet, phone, keys, access card.

“I know it shouldn’t annoy me, I mean it’s not like it’s bad or anything but it’s like that with everything so it just feels a bit mad and like we can’t just be human and not display things like they’re for sale in a store or something.”

For Dubai-based Triptta it’s the desire to do jobs that don’t need doing and then not finishing the ones that do!

She says: “Constantly trying to fix it even when I’m not looking for a solution or fix. Or starting 100 projects and never finishing them which means leaving the things around. Cans of paint in the spare bedroom have been there for 19 months, I can’t throw them away, can’t put them out of the house and can’t get anyone to come and finish the job.”

For Saudi-based Rebia it’s taking up vital room in the fridge that really gets her hot under the collar.

She explains: “He opens a new bottle of milk when there is still some left in the older one. But he leaves the older one there. Am I supposed to drink old milk while he enjoys new or is he just too lazy to throw away the old milk? It annoys me!”

Charlotte Birch’s gripe with her husband is his over-use of underwear!

She explains: “My husband wears two pairs of fitted boxers and two pairs of socks, one on top of each other, so that’s 14 pairs of each every week! It drives me crackers. He likes to feel secure and warm! He said he might think about one pair of each this summer. The socks have to be black and one pair is sports with a smart pair on top.”

It’s forgetting where the trash goes that really infuriates Catherine Hilton.

She says: “Putting his Coke cans on top of the recycling cupboard rather than inside the $246 recycling cabinet I insisted on buying when we had the kitchen made bigger to avoid the recycling pile because that drove me nuts.”

And for Kelly Charlton it’s the failure to realise that certain things are bigger jobs than they initially seem: “The cause of 90 per cent of arguments in our house is doing half a job,” she explains.

“If you take the bin bag out, put a new bin bag in - it’s one job. If you are tidying the dry clothes, tidy mine as well as yours, don’t leave all mine in a creased heap. It’s one job. If you claim to have tidied the kitchen in the evening, why is there still food on the worktop in the morning? The worktop is in the kitchen, clean it. It’s one job!”

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