7 apps that will make traveling in 2017 much easier year for you

When it comes to travel, new technology and apps have made it even easier to do more with less

Georgina Wilson-Powell
Georgina Wilson-Powell - Special to Al Arabiya English
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When it comes to travel, new technology and apps have made it even easier to do more with less. Here’s our download and go guide.

If you never know what to take on holiday so end up taking everything, Stylebook is a godsend. Part packing app part wardrobe stylist, snap the pics of what you might take and then mix and match them within the app to create outfits. Then this is where it gets good, you can save them into a calendar and extract into a check off list. No more realising you brought every pair of shoes except the ones you need.

Wave goodbye to rubbish Wi-fi and overpriced coffee at the airport. Loungebuddy is an app that collates the information and location of the airport lounges you can use for free (or buy your way into) across 500 airports all over the world. Ditch the duty free and put your legs up in the lounge.

If you can never find booking references, times and dates don’t worry. Trip It isn’t a new app but it’s still one of the best to collate all booking confirmation emails from planes, trains, car hire and hotels into one calendar list and stores all the strings of numbers and letters you need in one place. It will even map out your itinerary for you and work out travel times. Upgrade and pay for alerts for gate changes, late departures and info on your plane seat.

But it’s not just before you go that apps can change your holiday for the better.
There’s plenty to download that help while you’re away. We love Wolfram Sun Exposure – which stops sunburn before it starts. It’ll work out where you are and what time of day it is, add in your skin type and what sun cream you’re using and it will go off when you need to turn over or seek shade. No more panda eyes.

Even the most loved up couple descend into shaky fury when trying to fold and decipher a map. Don’t let map rage ruin your holiday with Here an app that lets you download and store comprehensive maps of your destination without chewing through mega bites of mobile data. Turn by turn instructions should also take the stress out of your sojourn.

Speaking another language has never been easier. Google Translate makes the embarrassed pointing a thing of the past, it’s up to date in 90 languages and you can snap pics of menus or signs and it’ll translate it for you in real time. Alternatively if you want to learn the lingo before you go, Duolingo makes picking up another language a breeze with bite sized chunks of conversation to learn with plenty of pics and prompts.

Upgrade your entire holiday experience with Victor. It’s like Uber for the sky. Can’t afford a whole private jet? Victor lists the empty legs on other people’s jets and private planes sitting on runways so you can commandeer them for single trips and short hops. With empty legs costing 75% less than the normal price this is super luxury on a shoestring budget.

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