Hijabi rapper targets Islamophobia with latest music video

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The latest music video ‘Hijabi’ by poet and Syrian American activist Mona Haydar has gone viral on social media, where she stands in the way of islamophobia by rapping about the Muslim women who face discrimination for wearing Hijab.

During an interview with Al Arabiya’s interactive news program, Haydar said she felt this video is important because of the pressure on hijabs’ in America in today’s age.

Haydar explained she’s been an artist and poet for the past 13 years, but this was her first experience in music.

“This was my first experience with music, so I was shocked by the reactions and the hits the video got,” Haydar said.

When asked about the negative reactions of people on social media in regards to her pregnancy, Haydar said: “I don’t care what people think, just because I’m pregnant I’m not going to stop my work as an artist.”

She said the motive of the video was to lessen the pressure on woman all over the world no matter who she was or where she was from and “that beauty is not based on appearance and looks but based on the heart and mind, and that all women should be respected.”

Haydar went on to explaining that hijab in America has been a target of hate because it is an evident and obvious symbol of Islam, where as a Muslim man does not necessarily face the same dilemma.

The video portrays a range of women of color wearing hijab and dancing confidently to the music, as Haydar who is eight-months-pregnant rubs her stomach and raps to the beat.

The lyrics consist of Haydar stating the common questions asked by people to hijabis.

“What that hair look like, don’t that make you sweat? Don’t that feel too tight?” she raps. She claims these people need to get a life, and that she will continue to wrap her hijab and “swag” with the rest of the hijabs’ regardless of those people.

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