Lamjarred's prison release appealed by prosecutor, court to decide Tuesday

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Saad Lamjarred’s lawyer, Eric Dupond-Moretti, revealed Tuesday that the Moroccan singer will be released from prison on Thursday evening, under electronic surveillance as he will not be allowed to travel - however, the prosecutor appealed the decision thus postponing a court decision till next Tuesday.

Electronic tagging is usually used by prisons where a prisoner is expected to wear an electronic device, usually a tag fitted to the ankle, if the prisoner is bailed out.

The French Ministry of Justice’s website said that the electronic tag “compels the person wearing it to stay at his or her home or at a host’s property at certain times fixed by the judge, commonly from 7:00 pm to 8:00 am.”

Lamjarred will be expected to wear the tag on his ankle. If he attempts to leave his property outside the fixed hours, a prison guard will immediately be notified by a remote alarm.

Friends of the singer told Al Arabiya that Lamjarred spends his days in prison praying to get out of his ordeal. They added that he was innocent and that this experience taught him a lot and made him look at things and life around him differently.

Lamjarred was arrested on charges of raping a French girl in the capital Paris, four months ago.

Oumoussi reported that it was a confidential hearing and the lawyer refused to be followed by the reporters; which he believed as “something to worry about.”

He also clarified that the victim's lawyer requested to postpone the trial, and the judge refused to release Saad temporarily.

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