Saudi divorcees appear on live TV together, a week after separating

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A Saudi couple, popular on social media, shocked their thousands of followers when they announced their divorce last week.

But much to the surprise of many, they appeared side-by-side in an Al Arabiya show this week to talk about their divorce and their latest endeavors.

The woman is a scholar named Malak Husseini and her ex-husband is engineer, Majed al-Saraah.

While it is uncommon for divorced couples to appear together so soon after a separation, they stressed that they have the greatest partnership in the world because of their three children.

They, however, refused to discuss the reason behind their divorce but spoke of their great respect and admiration for each other.

Show host Sara al-Dundarawy asked whether they were “faking” a happy marriage on social media as news of their separation had confused many of their followers.

Husseini said this was not the case. “All couples have problems,” she said, adding that they were portraying both the good and the bad.

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