Efforts to protect children from Internet proving to be ineffective

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Attemptss to protect children from the dangers of the Internet might not be proving to be be useful, a new report has revealed.

According to the Daily Mail, more than one third of British 15-year-old children overuse the internet as they spend over six hours on their personal computers outside of school. Researchers hope that their findings will motivate the authorities to take necessary actions to help children stay out of harms’ way.


According to the report, experts highlight the importance of making children be able to hold their own against dangers posed by the Internet, which could negatively affect their mental health or be a gateway of them getting cyber-bullied.

The reports also pointed out to another study, conducted by the British Office for National Statistics in 2015, that showed the correlation between the time that one spends on social media and mental health issues.

Another report revealed that children who overuse the Internet are two times more likely to get cyberbullied than children who use the internet in regulation.

The flip side

Those who conducted the study also mentioned that there is evidence that social media positively affects children’s emotional intelligence.

They also pointed out that there’s no concreate evidence of a direct link between Internet usage and mental health issues. Additionally, the Internet helps children develop their communication competence and helps them with school group projects, they said.

Moreover, those who suffer from mental health illnesses can seek help and support from others through social media or electronic groups.