WATCH: Traditional-style Saudi song encourages men to gift cars to women

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In light of the recent decree in Saudi Arabia which permits women to drive, Nawaf Al Assi, a poet known for his ‘sheilat’ (a form of desert chant, a folkloric form of poetry), wrote a sheila that supports the decree and praises Saudi women.

Onwards and upwards, O daughter of Saudi Arabia

Noble in this world and the next

Follow the lines, for the license is for all

The people of this country all congratulate you

No longer offer your money to a driver

Fully insure the car and gift it to her

Assi spoke to Al Arabiya.net and said: “Today Shilat are a means of social expression and they continue to resonate with many people. We always see and hear sheilat address social or economic issues, or even support the country during political situations.”

Assi continued saying: “As an ‘event promoter,’ I am used to keeping up with events and occasions. I would like to congratulate women, every man’s sister, on this decree, and I hope they will hear my song while driving. “

“I am going to release an educational song explaining to women how to drive safely,” he added.

In one of the song’s lines, Assi asks men to no longer hire drivers. Instead, they should give their wives and sisters fully insured cars so that they may drive without fear or confusion.