Movember 2017: Ten of the best – and worst – celeb mustaches

Rachel McArthur

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We're well into November, now’s the time to perfect the style you’re going to go for with the ‘tache this Movember.

For those not in the know, Movember is a global annual event that involves the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of various male health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide.

So, wear your mustache loud and proud… but maybe avoid some of the facial hair faux pas below.

BEST: Joe Jonas

The weird thing is, this look shouldn’t work at all, but somehow it does on DNCE frontman, Joe Jonas. Although the picture above is from a photoshoot for Vogue Mexico, Joe’s Instagram reveals that he’s continued to grow his mustache, even dressing up as Mario from Mario Bros. for laughs.

This look could really work on the Middle Eastern gentlemen. Just keep the brows in check.

WORST: Jake Johnson

This. Pains. Us.

Back when he was a struggling actor, Jake Johnson AKA Nick Miller from ‘New Girl’ looked like this.

He posted on Instagram: “This was my first headshot in LA. It was free. Some amateur photographer took the pics in a parking lot in Hollywood on Selma and Las Palmas.

“Needless to say, I didn't book anything from it. But it’s still my favourite.”

Winston and Schmidt definitely wouldn’t approve.

BEST: John Mayer

We’ll call this look ‘a few days into Movember’. This ‘shadow’ is perfect for those who are in their first foray into Movember.

Much like his alleged non-committal attitude to relationships, John Mayer’s ‘tache is a subtle ‘after eight’ – a barely-there shadow that doesn’t change the face dramatically.

Also a good one for those who struggle with growing facial hair to begin with.

WORST: Akshay Kumar

Good job his film ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ was more successful than his facial hair in it. And good job, Akshay Kumar got rid of the ‘tache post-filming. Some looks are best left for movie or TV productions.

BEST: Tom Selleck

It would be criminal to have a mustache list without ‘The Magnum’.

No doubt it takes a certain type of gentleman to pull off Tom Selleck’s classic look. But let’s face it – this ‘tache’ means business.

In fact, the actor’s facial hair is so popular it even has its own Facebook page with over 40,000 fans.

WORST: Jimmy Fallon

Over the summer, ‘The Tonight Show’ host decided to grow out a beard to prepare for his mustache debut. The reason? Well, he grew tired of shaving, it seems.

Sadly, it looked more like ‘70s uncle’ than ‘cool dad’ and reviews weren’t favourable. The mustache went a couple of months later.

BEST: Ragheb Alameh

Yes, it might look like Fallon’s one above, but hey, if you’re going to go with a ‘tache transformation this month, then why not go full-on with ‘retro Arab male singer’?

Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alameh made the look extremely popular in the early 90s. It sadly didn’t work for others, like Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas below:

WORST: Ryan Gosling

Proof that bad facial hair can ruin even the most beautiful of faces, we’re so glad that Canadian actor Ryan Gosling hasn’t stayed with this look from a few years ago. Just say no.

BEST: Ranveer Singh

This is a work of art – certainly not for everyone, and certainly not for those who don’t want to be called a hipster. But for those familiar with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, the dude’s facial hair looks are glorious. This is certainly an over-the-top, head-turning ‘tache, but given Ranveer’s flamboyant personality, it’s perfect for him.

WORST: Hulk Hogan

Dubbed ‘The Trucker’, the only time this blond horseshoe is acceptable is during Halloween. It’s perfect for the Hulk – since that’s his brand. For anyone else, it’s just too darn creepy.