Saudi girl band Khamsa Adwaa tops YouTube’s most trending music videos

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Khamsa Adwaa (Five Lights), a Saudi band made up of young girls, has topped the list of this year’s most trending music videos on YouTube.

The list also includes Moroccan pop sensation Saad Lamjarad, as well as the hit single Talat Daqat (Three Beats) by Egypt’s Abu featuring iconic film star Yousra. The results are also reflective of the diversity of YouTube’s audience in the Middle East.

Like last year, all of 2017’s most trending non-music videos are by the region’s YouTube creators. Mohamed Moshaya, one of the first Arab creators dedicated entirely to family content, topped the list with a video of a compilation of his adventures with this three kids.

The region’s watchtime, second only to the United States, grew by 60 percent last year, and by 90 percent on mobile. Here are the top trending music videos of 2017:

1. Five Lights - HUSH
2. Saad Lamjarred - LET GO
3. Nasr Al Bahhar - Ma Rad Ilay
4. Aymane Serhani - Nebghi Djini Bsurvet
5. Cairokee & Tarek El Sheikh - Al Keif
6. Asma Lmnawar - Andou Zine
7. Abu & Yousra - Talat Daqat
8. Dyler - Samooly
9. Elissa - Aaks Elli Shayfenha
10. Tamer Hosny Team - Allah Shahid

Here is the list of top trending videos of 2017:

1. Top Comedy Sketch Compilations by Mmoshaya
2. "The iPad Generation” Episode by Swar Shuaib
3. Ramadan Comedy Sketch by Shady Srour
4. Lie Detector Test Challenge with Danyah Shafei by D7oomy
5. Wedding Night Comedy Sketch by Nour Stars
6. Make Your Own Snow-Filled Pool Experience by The Saudi Reporters
7. Germany Travel Adventure by Laila Mourad
8. Fitness and Nutrition Tips by SuperMama
9. Beauty Review Segment Featuring a 24 Carat Gold Mask by Esswara
10. Automotive Adventure by Ali Alhamoudi

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