Popular Eid song about Mecca was written, composed and sung by Christians

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A popular Arabic song that has been replayed for years on the occasion of Eid al-Adha was written, composed and sung by Christian artists from Lebanon.

The song, titled “Ghannayt Mecca” (I sang for Mecca) was a hit by legendary Lebanese artist Fairuz in 1966.

Its lyrics were written by Christian Lebanese poet Said Akl and was composed by the Rahbani Brothers, Assi Rahbani and Mansour Rahbani.

Here are the lyrics:
I sang for Mecca and its generous people And Eid fills my body with joy
When they rejoiced, a house shined under every heaven, including the Kaaba
And the name of God has risen, Its structure has risen and spread like meteors
O reader of the Quran pray to him, my family is there and also the beautiful lands
From a kneeling pilgrim, while his hands are raised in prayer, the door will not be kept locked
My eyes, wherever people pray, see the heavens wide open with generosity
If a grit of sand called its creator with joy, I would be the instrument of its songs
When the pilgrims gathered there, my lips began singing
And God cherished all people, white and black, without discrimination