Watch: MSNBC chief anchor, NYT editorial board member fail basic math on TV

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MSNBC’s chief anchor and New York Times editorial board member were discussing Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign spending when they failed to correct a fault in a basic math equation, drawing criticism from social media users.

Brian Williams and Mara Gay were on Thursday night’s The 11th Hour when they failed to see a huge mistake in a tweet that incorrectly claimed that Michael Bloomberg’s spending, $500 million, could have been repurposed to give $1 million to all 327 million Americans.

If the math is done right, every American would get $1.53, and if the statement is true, then the US population would have to be 500 people.

“When I read it tonight on social media, it kind of all became clear,” Williams said on air. “It’s an incredible way of putting it,” he said after reading out the tweet.

“It’s true, it’s disturbing, and it does suggest what we’re talking about here. There’s too much money in politics,” Gay said agreeing with the tweet.

Social media users made sure to point out the mistake and have a laugh about it.

Andrew Kaczynski asked how did this end up on TV?

“I thought they were going to make fun of the tweet. But they… they didn’t,” said LA Banker.

“Brian Williams … did it with enough confidence he had me pulling out a calculator and thinking I was tripping,” Jay Smooth said.

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