Dress à la mode: These boots are made for walking!

Thigh high boots are this season's must for women with adventurous style

Mimi Raad
Mimi Raad - Special to Al Arabiya News
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We are tied down by enough rules and regulations in life as is. So, when it comes to fashion, I play by my own rules. Trust me, they're fun. You can overrule, reject or simply ignore them but do it at your own risk. See, I'm already breaking my first New Year's resolution: being kinder to the more 'style challenged.'

'Appropriate', 'comfort zone', 'traditional' -- are words I've longed deleted from my wardrobe dictionary. They've been replaced with' adventurous' and 'brave'. Having one's personal style, after all, comes with a certain boldness.

Winter, with its cold blasts and pouring rains, makes boots a girl's best friend. But, not any boots! Biker boots have become a staple in every woman's closet, but the new 'must haves' this season are the thigh high boots.


These boots have had a torrid history -- linked as they are in our subconscious to ladies with no-virtue. Well, fashion is here to shake that established misconception and make a style statement out of the hitherto maligned boots. I've always been hesitant about trying them, being a woman of average height in comparison to my much taller sister.

These boots would eat me up, I thought, turning me, at best, into a female version of "Puss in Boots"!

One day, while meandering through Dubai Mall, waiting for a client to work her way through the mountain of clothes I had picked for her, I saw them standing tall: thin, soft leather and stacked heels. It was love at first sight.

I checked the size, it was mine. A sign! Without hesitating, I tried them on. My legs looked endlessly long. The boots soft as socks and as comfortable as trainers. My client was calling out to me to go check her outfit.

Instead, I inspected myself in the boots from every angle, then marched over and shared my ideas on how to wear them.

1. If your outfit is in any way showing off your bare legs (hems hitting at mid thigh or higher), go for thick heels.

2. If your pants or skirt have an obvious masculine design element, go for skinny heels.

To tame the thigh highs you can adopt various styles:

1. Team them with a loose knitted dress like those worn in the 1960s or with a flared skirt and a fitted jacket or top.

2. For the 'biker chick' look, wear them with skinny pants and a biker jacket.

3. For a trendy look, opt for a sweater with a print and a mini dress or skirt.

If you're taller than 5'7" and blessed with thin legs you can choose to wear the thigh high with flat heels. I highly discourage woman less than this height to wear the flats as your whole silhouette would look crushed. And always wear them with black stockings to avoid being thought of as kinky.


I'm using and abusing mine, whether roaming the malls of Dubai, strolling the streets of Paris, or visiting the museums of Vienna. I bought the Stuart Weitzman's -- the ones beautifully celebrated by Kate Moss in a fun advertisement. What a great way to step into 2014!

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