Dreaming of a white wedding? Tips for a show-stopping gown

The Western-style white dress has been adapted around the globe

Hadia Sinno
Hadia Sinno - Special to Al Arabiya News
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A happy wedding ceremony is a dream for many people and some women spend time and effort on finding the perfect ball gown dress for their big day. Karachi Bridal Couture Week has just wrapped up, proving that people are as interested as ever in seeking the perfect show-stopper of a wedding dress.

Weddings, the union of two people, are important in cultures across the world and a bride’s dress is often considered a key aspect of the ceremony, for the bride at least.


The Western-style white dress has been adapted around the globe, but new fashion trends are seeing the uptake of less tradition gowns being worn.

The white wedding dress made its’ debut in 1890 and became very popular after the marriage of Queen Victoria to Albert of Saxe-Coburg.


The color white was meant to symbolize virginity and purity, and designers worldwide are gracing catwalks and blushing brides with their own take on the white classic.

In Eastern cultures - like Japan, China , Pakistan and India – however, red is the color to beat. Many cultures believing that the vivacious color brings good luck; red Kimonos in Japan and red sarees in India are all the trend when it comes to bridal wear.

In the Arab region, many families choose to have two wedding events. One wear the bride wears the traditional Arab gown and a second reception event where she will wear a flowing white dress.


In the Middle East, the wedding dress industry is burgeoning and boasts a wide array of designs, from the traditional to the avant-garde.

“In our region, Lebanese and Arab fashion designers rely a lot on wedding dresses, especially since they are the center of attention,” Lebanese fashion designer Basil Soda told Al Arabiya News.

“A wedding ceremony is a very big event and a commitment and … the bride is the star of the evening,” he added.


The designer recommends that brides-to-be choose a gown that reflects their personality, but adds that women should stick to more traditional, time-tested, looks.

Fashion designer Georges Chakra adds that he designs wedding dresses with the “star” in mind.

“In the couture world and in the fashion world, wedding dresses are essential and I love that part especially since I’m designing for the star. For me every bride is a star and center of attention on her wedding day,” he told Al Arabiya News.

“The style of the wedding dress that I do all depends on the bride … and the place and time of the wedding.”


Chakra added that while he designs modern couture wedding dresses, he admires the fact that people are still wearing traditional white dresses, poufy skirt and all.

Wedding dress trends from the Spring/Summer 2014 season are seeing frocks becoming lighter and more whimsical. There is also a prevailing return to the vintage look.


Short wedding dresses are also walking down the aisle and into fashion, but in the Arab region these are usually reserved for the after party.

Some brides are leaving white behind and choosing to don various shades of pink and champagne on their big day.

If you are searching for the dream wedding dress, think modern, light and romantic and remember that the most important fashion trend is to be yourself.

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