Style tips: Color matters this winter!

Choosing the right cut and color are key points in one’s image

Mimi Raad

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If you consider how we describe certain emotions, such as “seeing red”, “feeling blue” and “green with envy,” there is no denying that color and mood are inextricably linked. The color of our outfits influences our mood.

On a gloomy day, the first reflex is to throw on a pair of jeans and a slouchy sweater. However, if instead you put on a cool, colorful item - such as a leather mini skirt, fun fringe booties and a sweater with evening jewelry - you will make a positive impression on everyone around you, and their reaction will make you feel better about yourself.

Choosing the right cut and color are key points in one’s image. Once we know in which category we fall, it is easier to pick the shades that flatter us.

1. Are you light like Cate Blanchett?

2. Are you warm like Julianne Moore?

3. Are you deep like Michelle Obama?

4. Are you soft like Kate Winslet?

5. Are you cool like Judy Dench?

You will know the color you chose is right when your face and eyes light up, and when your skin looks fresher. I recommend sitting in front of a mirror with no makeup on, in natural daylight, and start holding the colored items under your chin and check your reflection, then decide.

Now that you have identified your color, what colors will you choose from for the winter 2015 collections? This season, earthy neutrals mingle with a range of bold color statements and patterns.

This winter, designers have gone from the seductive 1920s, to the bohemian hippies and modernists of the 1960s and 1970s.
One of the neutral colors this season is desert sage, a cool and soothing greenish-gray.

Gray is another neutral color: dependable, cool, and above all constant, implying quality and luxury.
Powerful blue-gray is strong.

Golden-yellow-mustard is comforting.

Olive green, previously considered safari or military, this season is deemed sophisticated and chic.

Marsala, a winey red-brown, is an interesting new color presenting a wonderful contrast to other hues, adding finesse and savoir-faire to the palette.

Alongside marsala, the winter 2015-2016 color trends introduce all the possible shades of brown, from chocolate and rust to milder browns, bringing warmth and comfort to your winter dressing.

Teal is a lush, elegant color, combining the serene qualities of blue with the invigorating aspects of green.

A nod to the 1960s and 1970s, cadmium orange evokes a sentiment of optimism, fun and fantasy. It is a warm, playful and sophisticated shade.

Luxurious cashmere rose is a soft, elegant pink hue.

Both men and women can weave cadmium orange and cashmere rose with desert sage for a bold mix of bright, earthy inspiration.

Amethyst orchid is a rich but difficult color.

Black is timeless and will never go out of style. Black and white combinations have been a constant trend on the runway.

Pastel colors are usually linked to warmer months, but many designers have decided to bring softness and warmth to their winter collections using big proportions of pastel colors, from baby blues and pastel yellows to dusty pinks and lilacs.

Each of us has a preference for a certain style of clothes and the way to accessorize our look. It is our style personality that will put together the colors, lines and shape of our clothes. This winter, step out of your comfort zone, mix up some teal and masala, and have some fashionable fun!

(This article used a photo taken from Mauro Cateb via Flickr)