It may be 50 percent off, but beware of that dress on sale!

It’s that time of the year when every store has magical stickers on its windows saying: SALE

Mimi Raad

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It’s that time of the year when every store has magical stickers on its windows saying: SALE. And it would look odd and irrelevant if you hear me saying: Beware of sales!

Don’t get me wrong, although they’re amazing, as any item out of our price range can suddenly become affordable, they can lure us into buying anything just because its price is low.

How many times have I watched helplessly friends grabbing an umpteenth grey cashmere cardigan, or a dress that they wouldn’t wear in a million years, just because its label says Discount 50-60-70%!

I try to dissuade them, but they wouldn’t listen, heavily concentrated to reach first the rail, and pile on their arms small size tops, large trousers or even furry hats that Dubai’s weather won’t allow them to wear!

And the usual sentences around coffee after quenching the thirst for great finds at great prices, evaluating the buys and assessing the damages with loads of bags spread around “Maybe I shouldn’t have...”, “I have the same colour...” “I’ll loose weight, it’ll fit me…”. I hate to say “I told you”, but I did!

Before raiding stores on sale, a closet check is a must, to take note of what is needed, memorize visually what we have and know our priorities. Simple, really.

Don’t we all avoid going to supermarket when we’re hungry? It’s so tempting to bite into that chocolate bar, sneak a biscuit…The same goes for our shopping spree during sale time. We surely can avoid impulsive and unnecessary buys, and definitely make good and clever ones if we only controlled our shopping frenzy and calmed down our illusions of making great deals everywhere we can read SALE.


It doesn’t take much to make the best out of the sale season. Shopping on weekdays, preferably during the day time to avoid crowd is a good start.

Another major point is to set your budget and stick to it. Don’t be tempted by a price tag. This truly is the golden rule - only ever buy an item if it is a style that truly flatters you. It may have 50% off, but it is not an investment piece if it just sits in the bottom of your wardrobe never to be worn.

If you stick to the staple pieces, you can’t go wrong. Invest in timeless, well-cut dresses, jackets and trousers, without any obvious references to current trends. You’ll then be able to wear them season after season.

If the thought of maddening crowd in malls makes you quake with fear, do the sensible thing and shop from home. Just make sure you assess properly the sizes, usually all sites accept returns. It’s worth it if you cannot face sales in real stores.

Now, when heading for the “battle field” the right gear makes it or breaks it. Wear sensible shoes and an easy top and bottom to put on and remove throughout your various visits to the fitting room. A crossbody is the right handbag to carry as it leaves both hands free. And don’t forget to drink water, we don’t want to get dehydrated in the midst of the mission!

It can be tempting to abuse your credit card during sale time, arguing that you won’t shop for the next few months, but you don’t want to spend more than you can actually afford. Generally financial experts say that you should budget around 5 percent of your take-home pay for apparel. Try and stick to this percentage to avoid post-shopping regret!

Easier said than done… but don’t say nobody told you!