Feeling frazzled? How to control frizzy hair in looming summer heat

With a little extra effort, your locks can look as sleek as they do on your best hair days

Najla Kaddour

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As we approach hot summer days, that can only mean one thing for our hair: frizz. However, humid weather does not mean you have to wear a ponytail every day until October. With a little extra effort, your locks can look as sleek as they do on your best hair days, every day. Try these tips to stop frizzy hair before it starts.

Get the right cut

If you live in a humid area, consider getting a haircut that caters to your hair type. Long hair and straight cuts add the weight needed to pull down hair that would otherwise puff out. An angled or slightly layered cut will remove some of the bulk. A layered cut will emphasize curls, but could result in frizzier hair.

Do not shampoo every day

Shampooing daily strips hair of its natural oils. It is best to wash your hair once a week, but waiting a couple of days between washes can also produce healthier, less frizzy hair.

Load up on conditioner

The dryer your hair, the more likely it is to attract moisture in the atmosphere, which swells hair cuticles and makes it look puffy and frizzy. Conditioner helps hydrate dry hair, and coats hair shafts to lock out moisture. If you are having a beach day, coat your hair completely with your favorite conditioner, and style it into a braid or bun. Leaving it in for the entire day will protect hair from strong sunrays.

Try a hair mask

If conditioner alone is not enough to rescue your hair, particularly if it has been damaged by heat styling or color treatments, apply an extra moisturizing hair mask once or twice a week after washing your hair.

Trim every six weeks

Another cause of frizz is split ends. Have your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. If you live in a humid climate, do not cut it too short because humidity can cause shrinkage.

Dry oil is your best friend


Leave-in dry oils such as Moroccan oil and baby oil might help tame your hair. Take a generous amount into the palm of your hand, and work it well all over your hair, especially at the ends. The great thing about dry oils is that they moisturize hair without leaving oil stains on your clothes.

Use hairstyling products on wet hair

Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, hairstyling products should be used on wet hair. Begin with a good leave-in dry oil, applying a generous amount of it to your hair right after washing it. Work it into the ends of your hair. Next, add an even coating of your favorite styling product(s) all over your hair.

Avoid heated styling tools

All hairstyling tools that produce heat dry out hair, which can damage it and create frizz. Try not to use tools such as hair dryers, flat irons or curling irons more than you have to. If you must use one, before you start styling your hair apply a silicone-based serum to it for protection from the heat.

DIY hair masks

Occasional deep treatments help keep frizz under control by maintaining healthy hair. Consider using homemade hair masks weekly. It will make your hair look silky smooth and is completely safe. Bananas, avocados, olive oil and coconut oil are great natural sources that help get rid of frizz.

Hair botox treatment


Hair botox is the ultimate way to get rid of frizz. It contains a protein-rich formula that fixes imperfections in each strand of hair with active ingredients. The hair becomes softer and frizz-free, and further damage to the hair shaft is prevented.

Hair botox works on all types of hair, but is most effective on dry, damaged or dehydrated hair. The treatment can only be done at certified hair salons, it only takes 45 minutes, and the best part is it lasts for at least a month.