Here’s why beauty bloggers are shaving their ‘beards’ in new trend

Popular beauty vloggers are revealing one of their top tips to their millions of loyal fans

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You may find it cringe-inducing, but hear them out.

Popular beauty vloggers are revealing one of their top tips to their millions of loyal fans – women can shave their faces to avoid “peach fuzz” and “apply make-up smoothly.”

That’s the opinion of popular YouTubers Carli Bybel and Chloe Morello as well as Iraqi beauty blogger Huda Kattan, who “swears by it.”

Earlier this year, Kattan shocked her 12.8 million followers on social media after revealing that she shaves her face for a smoother complexion.

In a video, the 32-year-old Kattan is seen with shaving cream applied to her “beard” area – although that was just for show, and she revealed that she dry shaves.

“Shaving your face is a real thing,” she said, adding that it had been “going on for decades in Asia.”

“To answer everybody's questions, no your hair does not grow back thicker when you shave dry!”

More recently, Morello told her 1.7 million followers that shaving her face to help with foundation application was among her top six emergency skin fixes.

“Sometimes I find that the foundation I have doesn't come out with the finish I want... it doesn't look perfectly fine and even if I've got a lot of hair on my face,” she said in a video.

“I am a woman but it runs in my family to have severe peach fuzz from here down. My body is confused it's like ‘I kind of want to make hair but I kind of don't want to make hair’ but I actually shave my face.

“Sometimes I use a regular razor (not the same one as I shave my legs with) and sometimes I use this smaller one so I can get the fine areas around my mouth and around here.”

She then showed how she shaves her face, insisting that the process “is not scary” and the hair “does not come back thicker, it does not come back black.”

She admitted that she was jumping on the shaving trend bandwagon.

“I know that it's a trend happening now and I'm totally on the bandwagon because it makes a huge difference when applying your foundation.”

Prior to Kattan and Morello, Bybel also appeared in a video to show how she shaves.

“I heard it makes your make up go on so much smoother and it's actually really true it does make your make up look a lot more flawless.”

Many fans have expressed shock and disbelief at the popularity of the new trend, while others have welcomed the advice. It remains to be seen whether the hair removal technique for women is recommended by dermatologists.

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