Flashy men flock to Florence fashion show

Men always dress their best during Pitti events and the scene never disappoints

Dina al-Shibeeb

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There is no better place than Pitti Uomo for stylish men to show off their choice of clothes.

The men’s fashion event in Florence allows guys from all around the world to strut through the streets of the Italian city in style – no catwalk required.

Men always dress their best during Pitti events, which are mostly centered in Fortezza da Basso - a cavernous brick fort embedded in the city’ 14th-century walls - and the scene never disappoints.

Not only have attendees embellished the ancient fortress with their dazzling, neatly worn suits. This time of year, the city’s countless coffee shops and pizzerias also take on a whole different vibe.

While many of the men flash smiles when asked to look at the camera, others earn a not-completely-sparkling reputation.

“What’s sadder than grown men looking for validation… Pitti Uomo's biggest peacocks,” wrote a commentator on Twitter.

But not all these men wear pompous, outlandish suits. Some are would-be rockers who like to break the rules and explore with their free-wheeling style.

Here are some pictures of some of Pitti Uomo’s most fabulous dressers: