Fast and flawless: Instagram’s best one-minute beauty tutorials

These days, the internet is swamped with beauty advice. The crucial thing is knowing where to look

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These days, the internet is swamped with beauty advice. The crucial thing is knowing where to look. With video rapidly replacing stills as social media’s content du jour, that task is becoming much easier. Some of the most innovative beauty tips are now right at our fingertips, with social media emerging as a platform for beauty bloggers and influencers to share their tips and tricks in a fast-paced format.

Just last month, in the lead up to the launch of her first eyeshadow palette, Kylie Jenner posted her own makeup tutorial on Snapchat. Similarly, Instagram is quickly replacing YouTube as the go-to for tips, techniques and beauty tutorials bundled into videos of one minute or less. Here are some of our top picks.

New York-based beauty blogger Nikki French has a following of almost 430,000 fans, and lips are her thing. Her feed is full of pout-perfecting tutorials, including the classic red ombre lip demonstrated here. Using a matte liquid lipstick in two different shades, she fills out the center of her lips with a bright red and the edges with a dark scarlet, before lightly blending the two. The bigger your lips, the better the effect.

Reaching over 1 million views on Instagram, this video showing a Brazilian beauty blogger’s outrageously simple DIY technique for getting rid of split ends has the beauty community quite excited. First, she twists a section of her long, platinum-hued hair, rubbing her fingers upward to tease out split ends. She then uses scissors to carefully trim the ends that stick out. Comments warn users to invest in professional-grade hair cutting scissors.

Mermaid mania has taken over the internet, and this simple eye makeup tutorial is a nice little ode to the trend. As demonstrated by top Russian beauty blogger Rukiyat Akaeva, you need two liquid liners in bright hues, such as neon yellow and electric blue. Using a fine, pointed makeup brush, she uses dot work to apply the yellow, following the lash line to the outer corner of the eye. Using the same method, she then applies the blue on top of the yellow from the outer edge up the pupil and upward into an exaggerated cat-eye.

If you are perplexed and intrigued by the elaborate art that is contouring, you need to watch this video. This Florida-based beauty blogger is a pro when it comes to sculpting the face, and in this video she demonstrates how to apply highlighter and contouring colors to chisel your cheekbones and nose. Spoiler alert: there is a fork involved.

With blue hair and neck tattoos, San Diego-based beauty blogger Kristen Leanne has a unique look, and this eyeshadow tutorial oozes her vibe. In this short video, she demonstrates how to use and apply eyeshadow shields (or a gentle scotch tape if you do not have any) as a stencil to guide the eyeliner or shadow into an upward shape for a dramatic, flawless finish.

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