5 beauty and lifestyle vloggers to binge-watch now

In the age of smartphones, live streaming and video content, fame lurks in the most unlikely places

Jenny Hewett
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Stars aren’t made on the stage, nor the silver screen. In the age of smartphones, live streaming and video content, fame lurks in the most unlikely places. Vlogging, or video blogging, is now one of the most accessible paths to self-made stardom. Even bona fide celebrities are jumping on board (take the recent discovery of Matthew McConaughey’s secret Youtube channel and Victoria Beckham vlogging her morning make-up routine for Vogue US a few months back). While it pays to have personality, talent in your field is ultimately what separates the amazing from the average. It also doesn’t hurt to have some state-of-the-art equipment and editing skills behind you. Here are five beauty and lifestyle vloggers we could binge watch all day.

Jaclyn Hill


With over 3.5m subscribers and a collaboration with US make-up brand Becca Cosmetics in the bag, this siren-haired beauty is laughing all the way to the bank. A professional make-up artist by trade, the self-deprecating LA-based YouTube star is a fireball of energy and refreshingly candid in her vlogs (she once admitted the bruises on her lips were the result of lip fillers). She also has some pretty amazing techniques up her sleeve, such as this ombre sunset smoky eye tutorial.

Rosanna Pansino

Attributed with creating the world’s first internet cooking show, Nerdy Nummies, this quirky US-based baker and actress boasts more than 7m subscribes on YouTube. From DIY dog treats to “Game of Thrones” inspired dragon egg truffles and inside-out surprise cakes, her edible treats are influenced by pop culture and her geeky style will have you hooked.

Erin Scott Beauty

This fresh-faced Aussie works as a professional lash technician and vlogs about all things lifestyle, beauty and DIY in her spare time. Her tutorials are easy to follow and when she talks you’ll want to listen, whether it’s about the weather or tips on her favourite tools. She also knows her way around an eyebrow kit, as shown on this tutorial of the Mane Stain Brow Crème from Australian brand Poni Cosmetics.

Shirley B Eniang

Want to know how to make your own choker? Head to London-based Shirley B Eniang’s channel, home to lifestyle tips spanning everything from wellbeing to fashion. Warm but matter of fact, like the friend you always go to for good advice, there are over 700k subscribers to her channel and her tips are genuinely useful.

Ruth Crilly

A rare insight into the life of a fashion model, this gap-toothed YouTube fixture and mum vlogs about “model recommended” makeup, diet and skincare tips to her some 300k subscribers. If you’re that person who always looks awkward in photos, she also offers slightly more industry-related advice, such as how to pose for a photograph and how to prepare for a lingerie shoot. The kicker? She can cook, too.



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