Pizza face: Seven weird beauty hacks trending right now

Sometimes the best beauty remedies can be found in our kitchen, or even inside a pizza box

Jenny Hewett
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People will do just about anything in the pursuit of beauty and those in the industry are the biggest offenders. It’s the nature of their job to try everything. Many women (and men) part with hundreds of dollars every year to scoop up the latest skincare products and cosmetics. But sometimes the best beauty remedies can be found in our kitchen, or even inside a pizza box (we’re not joking). From baking powder to pizza grease, magical all-purpose elixirs (the latest beauty buzzword) and odd beautifying contraptions, here are some of the downright weird and wacky beauty hacks trending now.

Pizza grease

Seventeen beauty writer Kelsey Stieglan caused quite a stir on social media last month after posting a video of herself removing her matte lipstick with her lunch. It was while teeth-deep in cheese and pepperoni – not the most obvious setting for a lightbulb beauty moment – that she discovered pizza grease to be the most effective matte lipstick remover ever.


Baking soda

The beauty industry is currently obsessed with this cooking ingredient, lauding it as a DIY skin whitener, eyebrow tint remover and deep pore cleanser.

DIY brow stencil

The perfect low-cost brow stencil.


Not a face oil, nor a serum, Mabel & Meg elixir has been making its way through beauty circles on social media of late. The “oil-free hydrating serum” has many uses, from matte lipstick to faux eyelash remover.

Retro hot rollers

Set your curls at home with this clever contraption.

Razor brows

Anything for the perfect brows? Don’t try this at home, folks.

Charcoal everything

Both wellness and beauty fiends are going gaga over this carbon cure-all, the uses of which range from teeth whitener to stomach settler.



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