Ring in 2017 in style with these glittery New Year’s Eve make-up looks

Out of all holidays through out the year, New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to wear glittery or shimmery eye make-up

Najla Kaddour
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Out of all the holidays throughout the year, New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to wear glittery or shimmery eye make-up and the more glitter, the better. From sparkly silver glitters to gold shimmers on the lid, anything is possible on this festive occasion where bigger and bolder is always better. To get you in the festive mood of glitter and sparkles, we have rounded up the prettiest makeup inspiration looks for you to try. Step into 2017 in style with these stunning make-up looks.

Glitter liner


Having a glittery eye makeup look doesn’t mean that your entire lid need to be covered in glitter. If you would like to keep it minimal, you could go for a glitter liner instead. The glitter liner can be worn above a black liner, below a cut crease or it could be worn on it’s own. Either way, it’s definitely a beautiful festive look for New Year’s Eve.

Najla Kaddour
Najla Kaddour

Glitter tears

Glittery under eyes have taken social media by a storm. It seems to be the go-to look for summer festivals and other festive occasions such as New Year’s Eve. This edgy statement look is definitely a showstopper and helps your under eye area to sparkle through out the evening. The great thing about this look is that it doesn’t have to look perfect as the messier, the better.

Najla Kaddour
Najla Kaddour

Minimal glitter

To keep it simple and minimal, yet still different and festive, you could add a few chunks of glitter around the eyes. It can easily be paired with your go-to daily make-up look; the glitter will add extra sparkle to your eyes without looking too heavy.

Choose a shade of glitter that goes well with your outfit and accessories. Holographic glitter seem to be very popular lately and it looks great combined with any color.

Glittery tear duct

A small and cute detail added to your make-up can make a big difference and can easily transform it into a statement look, such as this glittery tear duct. If you want the glitter to stand out, keep the rest of your make-up simple and neutral. You can also apply a lipstick color in the same shade as the glitter, which in this case any color between pink and purple.

Najla Kaddour
Najla Kaddour

Sparkly lashes

This can be a bit difficult to do on yourself if you’re not very skilled in make-up application. If you do manage to create this look on yourself, do not apply the glitter too close to the lash line to avoid discomfort. To play it safe, use a pair of false lashes and coat them in glitter before applying the lashes onto your natural hairs. While the lashes are still wet, use your tweezers to stick the lashes to each other, this will create that chunky, spidery lash effect. A trick to prevent any glitter from falling off is by using glitter eyeliner that comes in a liquid formula. The color of the glitter is very pigmented and it’ll last all night long.


Add some sparkle up top

If you’re not really into heavy eye make-up but still want to change up your look, wear a bold lip instead or change up your hairstyle to something completely different. For example, instead of applying glitter to your face, it can be applied onto the roots of the hair.

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Black smoky eye

Who says you can’t have black smoky eyes and glitter at the same time? You can pair both together and it will still look beautiful.

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