Make your eyes pop with these 6 eyeshadow looks

The colors you’re using for your eyes can either make or break a look

Najla Kaddour
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Beauty trends are constantly changing and evolving. Trends and styles that weren’t very popular a year ago will be extremely popular this year. Beauty trends from the 70s, 80s and the 90s are making a huge comeback. The colors you’re using for your eyes can either make or break a look so we’ve lined up the most trendy eye shadow colors for 2017.

70s inspired brick brown
The 70s beauty and fashion trends are coming back this year in full force. Over the past few years we’ve seen a few elements of the 70s trends here and there in runway shows, but in 2017 it will be fully back so bring out your oversized aviators, long hair extensions and brown eye shadow hues. Brick brown hues were very popular during the hippy era and so it will be again this year. To completely nail the 70s inspired look, choose a brown eye shadow hue that has orange under tones. Keep the eye make-up completely matte, add a few coats of mascara and pair it with nude glossy lips.


Rose gold
Sparkly rose gold eye shadow colors have taken social media by a storm. Brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Tarte Cosmetics are launching rose gold eye shadow palettes in the highest pigmentation. Rose gold hues are very versatile; they look great with any complexion and eye color, whether you’re brunette, blond or have a deeper skin complexion. It can also easily be paired with any lipstick color, whether you’re in the mood for red, nude, brown or even purple.

Believe it or not but orange is one of the few popular eye shadow hues this year. Orange is known for bringing out blue eye colors, many make-up artists weren’t using orange eye shadow on those with other eye colors but this season its going to be different. Anyone with blue, green, hazel, or brown eye colors will be able to rock the brightest shades of orange. If you’re not the daring type and you would like to play it safe, combine the orange color with brown hues, this will tone down the brightness and will neutralize the eye look.

Sparkly shadows
Anything sparkly that has glitter or shimmers in it will be trendy this year. Whether you’re wearing glitter eyeliner or covering your lids with shimmery hues. We saw glitter appearing everywhere in 2016, it was used as an eye shadow, highlight, on the lips and even to cover up roots. It seems as if the 2017 makeup trends are still all about the glitters. Glitter turned up everywhere for the fall season, spicing things up rather nicely. We love it on our clothing, on our shoes and apparently on our faces and hair too.

Fluorescent hues
Not only is the 70s beauty trends coming back this year, the 1980’s trends have taken over many catwalks with electric make-up. Models rocked neon and electric colors on eyes and lips for an ultra-fresh result that remained strong and feminine.

Touch of silver
Whether a touch of eye shadow in the corner of the eye or a flick of metallic liner, a flash of futuristic silver is a surefire way to raise your beauty game. If you’re the minimal type than you’re going to love this trend. A touch of silver is a subtle statement that’s not too overcrowding yet still stands out. When incorporating a bit of silver in your eye make-up, you’ll have the freedom to combine it with any lip color.

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