Meet the stylist who’s infusing Saudi heritage with modern fashion

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As a young and ambitious woman, Sawsan al-Qadi became interested in fashion styling while she was still in university studying Business Administration.

After completing a Masters of Leadership and Business Administration, she went on to study fashion management and marketing in the United States and created her own blog.

She also created accounts on social media platforms to offer women a variety of fashion styling counseling services.

“Since childhood, I have been observing and watching details, I began to notice each person’s clothing, there are those who have good looks and outfit, and there is the opposite,” she said.

“I also noticed the consistency of colors and sizes, how suitable the outfit for the person, I usually noticed things beyond the outfit and its coordination, where I used to pay attention to the appearance and how much it reflects someone’s personality , which made me study the art if “appearance and fashion.”.

Qadi, who spent six years in the US, was known for her unique presence, distinguished outfit, and her ability to help those who like fashion to keen up with the latest trends.

Preserving the Saudi heritage

At the beginning Qadi was rejected by her society, but she accepted this refusal. She understood that the conservative Saudi society respected its customs and traditions and worked to preserve them.

“The idea became clearer to them that my goal is to display the art of coordinating the appearance,” she said.

Qadi, with the support of her family, was able to face these challenges, to be innovative in her work, and to keep up with modern fashion with without losing the Saudi heritage. She launched her own fashion line “to preserve the Saudi heritage of a woman’s Arab identity in fashion and openness to other cultures.”

Qadi described the Saudi woman as “elegant and exquisite, keen to develop her appearance and keep up with the modern fashion on the same time.”

On the other hand, Qadi believes that “appearance is not created or made but rather it is mixed to merge with the person wearing it.”

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