How Marjorie Merriweather Post became one of the most known jewelry collectors

Muna Shikaki

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It was known as the jazz age, the roaring twenties, a period of industry, carefree wealth, freedom and parties. It was the era of The Great Gatsby.

One of the important characters of that era was the rich socialite Marjorie Merriweather Post, the only child of CW Post, the owner of the one of the biggest food companies. Marjorie post became one of the biggest collectors of jewelry in the United States.

Post’s jewelry collection is now displayed at Hillwood, a sprawling estate that sits on a hillside in Washington, D.C. In her will Post said she wanted Hillwood converted to a museum.

It was one of Posts’ multiple houses. Others included Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, of recent fame because it’s the weekend home of President Donald Trump.

Post’s jewelry is divided into three categories: large stones, historical pieces and items that were considered popular and fashionable at that time.

But Post wasn’t just a rich socialite who inherited a fortune, when she was just 27 and even before women won the right to vote, Post was running one of the biggest food manufacturing companies in the US. Under her ownership the company became much bigger, went public and bought many other smaller companies. Post was one of the first people to understand the importance of frozen food. Her foresight though, wasn’t limited to business, she also had an eye for jewelry.

Post didn’t just collect jewelry, she also collected historic and artistic works now on display at Hillwood.