Halal food lovers fill up at London exhibition

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The world’s largest halal food festival was held in London this week, reflecting the fast growing halal market in Britain.

The three day halal event offered a chance to explore the diversity of the halal food market and its potential.

The need for halal goods in the UK has prompted many supermarkets and chain restaurants to recognise the importance of Muslim communities and their dietary needs.

“The Halal market is a hugely important part of our food economy, in London the food market is worth about £17 billion ($28 billion), we employ about 300,000 people, we consume 25,000,000 million meals a day, the Muslim community makes up over a million of our London population of 8.5 million and that is growing.

Halal meat accounts for about 15% of the meat that comes in the market as well” said Rosie Boycott, food advisor and chairman of the London food Board.

Over 100 exhibitors from across the globe showcased different types of halal food and drinks at the event.

The event director Noman Khawaja explained the concept by saying: “Muslims go to food festivals and they cannot eat some the beautiful food that’s there, we have just replicated that model and we brought it to halal food.”

One gastronomic invention that may also be of interest to those who can eat non-halal food is a chocolatier’s claim that he has created the lowest calorie truffle in the world.

Exhibiting at the halal food show, he claims that his chocolates are between 43 and 48 calories each, nearly 50 percent lower in calories than other available versions but with the same ingredients of cocoa and sugar.

Other culinary treats were available for a try-out, such as a range of cocktails, including a lemon and chilli drink.

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