Top 10 weirdest massages and facials

Stressed? Fancy a massage? Forget your typical Balinese and hot-stone offerings

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Stressed? Fancy a massage? Forget your typical Balinese and hot-stone offerings. Why not opt for a snake or meat-cleaver treatment? Here is a list of the world’s most unusual massages and facials.

Snake massage

Beauty salons use a combination of big snakes for deep massage, and small ones for light massage. The idea is that snakes can slither around the body using their body weight as pressure.

Aloe Vera massage

Aloe Vera oil and gel massage is known to be one of the best kinds to soften skin and soothe it from sunburn. Some spas use oil, then parts of the plant to massage clients, as the pressure of the needles is supposed to help open skin pores.

Ticklish massage

A massage using a feather offers a different sensation, especially to those who are easily tickled.

Meat-cleaver massage

This massage is popular in northern Taiwan. People there believe that being tapped with the sharp end of a cleaver is a form of therapy that cures many illnesses. The person who performs this treatment is called a meat therapist. The cleaver is sharpened on a wet stone and rubbed with a medicine.

Thai elephant massage

Baby elephants are trained in Thailand to perform pressure massages on tourists at public beaches. The elephants are always accompanied by their trainers to control their movement and ensure quality service.

The elephants use two methods; some use their front limbs by tapping slowly on the back of the client, while others use a quicker motion using their trunks.

Slimy snail facial

Beauty experts say this is the latest anti-ageing, moisturizing natural skin treatment, particularly effective against sunburn.

Face-slapping facial

Thai beauticians say face-slapping could take 20 years off your face.

Hardboiled-egg facial

Eggs are thought to nourish the skin and enhance blood circulation. The treatment starts with peeling a warm boiled egg and rolling it around the face, from the hairline to the neck, and from one ear to another.

Flaming massage

This massage is said to help open pores and soothe skin, and feel like a deep-tissue massage with no pain afterwards. The skin is tapped with a flame, then massaged quickly using hands.

Gondola massage

Five-star hotels in Vince provide clients with private gondolas designed especially for massages, which are applied on the face, neck, back and feet.