Too much to do, too little time? Try these two tricks

When uncompleted tasks on to-do-lists pile up, simply breathing can help

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Researchers have found that two simple acts could help us cope with having too much work and too little time, and taking a deep breath is one of them.

According research led by Jordan Etkin, an assistant professor at Duke University in North Carolina, slow breathing and converting feelings of anxiety into excitement could help, the Independent reported.

“Feeling pressed for time impacts how consumers spend time, and how much they are willing to pay to save it,” researchers explained.

So when uncompleted tasks on to-do-lists pile up, or attempting to reconcile work with social life gets too exhausting, it helps if one pauses to take a breath.

As to channeling a feeling of excitement, researchers asked participants to read “I AM EXCITED” three times loudly while trying to believe what they were saying.

“From a consumer standpoint, feeling pressed for time can have many harmful consequences such as poorer health, trouble sleeping, and depression,” the researchers said.

“By pausing to breathe or envision the source of stress in a more positive light, people can enjoy the time they actually have in a healthier and happier way.”

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