Beautiful hairstyles for short hair if you've taken the plunge

Changing up your hairstyle and stepping out of your comfort zone should be one of your new year’s resolutions.

Najla Kaddour
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You would think that having long hair earns you an exclusive pass to an entire world of styling opportunities, leaving the shorthaired empty-handed.

The fact is there are an incredible amount of hairstyles and cuts that are perfect for those with short hair. Surprisingly, there are more than enough to be done with an above-the-shoulders ‘do and even with pixie cuts.


Changing up your hairstyle and stepping out of your comfort zone should be one of your new year’s resolutions. If you have considered chopping off your hair then these hairstyles might give you an extra push.

The Bob

The bob is a classic hairstyle that’ll never go out of trend. If you’ve had a bob for a long time and you want to try something new, try adding highlights or change your hair color completely different.

A “bob” hair cut also looks great if you have curly hair; it adds extra volume to your mane.

Bob + Bangs

Other than changing the hair color, you could also cut bangs to change up your bob. Bangs can star in any hairstyle, including in this short bob. Accessorize your look depending on your mood, whether it’s edgy, chic or casual.

The Ombre Lob

This hairstyle in particular has taken social media by a storm. It’s very popular amongst beauty gurus lately and it looks great with almost every outfit or make-up look you’re going for. Another great thing about this hairstyle is that it’s quite low maintenance, roots don’t need to be touched up and creating soft waves only takes a matter of seconds with minimal tools. To get the perfect “Lob”, make sure your hair has been cut the right length; not too long over your shoulders and not too short either. Also, use a purple shampoo for the ends of your hair to keep this beautiful caramel-blonde color from turning orange.


If you’re the daring type then you might want to try this cool hairstyle: the undercut. It adds some serious edge to the average short haircut with an undercut. To make this hairstyle even more unique, try coloring the undercut using temporarily hair colors.


Blunt often refers to the longest lengths of the hair or the ends of your hair being cut straight across with no layering. This hairstyle works great for those with fine and thin hair; it’s an easy way to make your hair look full, thicker and healthier. Not to mention, it looks über chic and it’s suitable for every age range.

Pixie cut

Whether you have curly, coarse, wavy or straight hair, pixie haircuts are surprisingly very versatile, it can be worn in many different ways depending on your mood. If you’re in a daring mood you can create a Mohawk with a cool undercut or you can keep it elegant by keeping it classically chic and simple.

Sleek Pixie

This super short pixie is very daring but such a chic hairstyle. You can spike up or slick down the hair depending on the occasion or mood. A short hair cut like this makes room for big and a lot of accessories such as sunglasses, large earring hoops or a statement ear cuff.

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