Turkish nutritionist recommends working out while fasting in Ramadan

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A Turkish nutritionist has recommended those who fast during the holy month of Ramadan to exercise a few hours before breaking their fast.

Esmat Tamer said that working out right before iftar, the meal at sunset in which Muslims break their fast, is beneficial for the body.

Tamer said that nothing should stop a healthy person from exercising during the fasting period, stressing the importance of working out in Ramadan.

In comments to the Turkish Anadolu news agency, Tamer added that during the month of Ramadan, the change in the sleep schedule of those who fast, as well as their diet, could lead to weight gain.

Tamer stressed that society falls victim to misconceptions, thinking that exercising is not the right thing to do on an empty stomach.

Instead, he says that fasting should not even impact those who participate in sports competitions. All they need to do is adjust their workout schedule.

Tamer did advise those who fast to be cautious and follow any guidelines set by their personal trainers or doctors.

He said that if a person abandons his or her workout and ate larger quantities of food out of fear of feeling hungry or thirsty while fasting, the amount of extra energy in their body will turn into fat.

He added: “Some might think that exercising hours before Iftar is unreasonable, especially that they are going through a period of time where a person’s energy level drops and so does the glycogen stock in the muscles, this pushes people to believe that working out is not useful.”