The secret to a higher life expectancy found in three daily cups of coffee

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Scientists have researched and analyzed 735,000 people’s data and discovered that coffee drinkers are expected to live longer.

The secret was discovered after the results of two studies of half a million Europeans from 10 different countries and over 200,000 Americans showed that the people who drink coffee trice on average have better mental health and a higher life-expectancy rate than those who don’t drink coffee.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, based in Lyon, France, as part of the World Health Organization's cancer research agency, teamed up with other medical scientists from Imperial College London, known as the Imperial College of Science, Medicine and Technology, and carried out a scientific breakthrough that might make coffee a rare currency in time.

Coffee Drinkers and Mortality

A study published by the American weekly, talked about the death rates of daily coffee drinkers.

Working together for 16 years to examine the data of 52,130 people aged 35 and over, 41,693 of them died during an examination published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that comes out Tuesdays as part of the American College of Physicians, which in turn conducted a similar examination of 215,000 Americans, that also came out with the same surprising result.

Its effect on health

The surprising result is that 25 percent of male daily coffee drinker are 12 percent less likely to die, whereas female daily coffee drinkers are 7 percent less likely to die, than those who don’t drink coffee, according to a study that was covered by media outlets internationally. Digging deeper, Al Arabiya found that one of these news outlets is the British Times, where Professor Elio Riboli of the School of Public Health at the London Imperial College said that, "The result is an addition to several leads that point that coffee is not only safe but also healthy.”

According scientist Marc Gunter from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, high coffee consumption has always been associated with less death likelihood for any reason, especially from those who suffer of gastrointestinal diseases and other diseases related to blood circulation and that those who drink three cups of coffee daily have a higher life expectancy than those who don’t drink coffee.

Not a coffee drinker? Now’s the time to start

The American study had the same results adding, that coffee drinkers are less likely to die from cancer, heart diseases, cerebral hemorrhage, strokes, diabetes and respiratory and kidney diseases than those who do not drink it, as reported by a CBS news report on the study and its results.

In the study, the death rate of those who drink a daily cup of coffee is 12 percent less than those who don’t. The death rate of those who drink 2-3 cups of coffee daily is 18 percent than those who don’t
However, we cannot be claim that drinking coffee prolongs life for sure, it’s best to say it’s connected to a higher life-expectancy.

“If you’re a coffee drinker you should continue drinking and if you’re not you should start,” said Veronica Setiawan, a professor at the School of Preventive Medicine at the University of South California.

Another important finding is that when a male non-coffee drinker starts drinking a cup a day he can prolong his life by a month in 16 years and when a female does so too she can prolong her life by a month in 16 years.

As for those who drink more than 5 or 7 cups, whether it be Espresso, Cappuccino or other types of coffee, the effects were not covered by the stud.